Apple's Internet Sharing option beim Systemstart aktivieren:

In the Terminal, open the file /etc/hostconfig as root by typing sudo pico /etc/hostconfig. Add an entry at the bottom looking like this:
This is just for having an easy way of disabling
this feature if you want to. Change -YES- to -NO- and it will not start on boot.

Next, you need to createa new StartupItems directory and the required startup files. Do this by typing:
% cd /System/Library/StartupItems/
% sudo mkdir ISharing
% cd ISharing
% sudo pico ISharing
The last step will open the pico editor on a new, blank "ISharing" file. [Editor's note: I added the "cd ISharing" step here as it was not in the original hint and seems to be required based on the structure of other StartupItems folders.]

In this file, copy and paste the following:

. /etc/rc.common

# Start up Internet Sharing

if [ "${ISHARING:=-NO-}" = "-YES-" ]; then
ConsoleMessage "Starting Internet Sharing"
Then hit Control-X and type Yes when it asks you to save. After pico quites, type sudo pico StartupParameters.plist and copy this bit into the file:
Description = "Internet Sharing";
Provides = ("ISharing");
Requires = ("Network", "NetworkExtensions", "Resolver");
OrderPreference = "Late";
Messages =
start = "Starting Internet Sharing";
stop = "Stopping Internet Sharing";
Save once again as described above using Control-X. Now you're almost good to go. Just one more thing, making sure the permissions are right. Just type these commands:
% sudo chmod 755 ISharing
% sudo chown root:wheel ISharing
% sudo chown root:admin StartupParameters.plist
% sudo chmod 644 StartupParameters.plist
You should now be able to restart your machine and have Apple's Internet Sharing preference enabled at startup.


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