Protocol and Service Names


These are the Official Protocol Names as they appear in the Domain
Name System WKS records and the NIC Host Table.  Their use is
described in [RFC952].

A protocol or service may be up to 40 characters taken from the set of
uppercase letters, digits, and the punctuation character hyphen.  It
must start with a letter, and end with a letter or digit.

ARGUS               - ARGUS Protocol
ARP                 - Address Resolution Protocol
AUTH                - Authentication Service
BBN-RCC-MON         - BBN RCC Monitoring
BL-IDM              - Britton Lee Intelligent Database Machine
BOOTP               - Bootstrap Protocol
BOOTPC              - Bootstrap Protocol Client
BOOTPS              - Bootstrap Protocol Server
BR-SAT-MON          - Backroom SATNET Monitoring
CFTP                - CFTP
CHAOS               - CHAOS Protocol
CHARGEN             - Character Generator Protocol
CLOCK               - DCNET Time Server Protocol
CMOT                - Common Mgmnt Info Ser and Prot over TCP/IP
COOKIE-JAR          - Authentication Scheme
CSNET-NS            - CSNET Mailbox Nameserver Protocol
DAYTIME             - Daytime Protocol
DCN-MEAS            - DCN Measurement Subsystems Protocol
DCP                 - Device Control Protocol
DGP                 - Dissimilar Gateway Protocol
DISCARD             - Discard Protocol
DMF-MAIL            - Digest Message Format for Mail
DOMAIN              - Domain Name System
ECHO                - Echo Protocol
EGP                 - Exterior Gateway Protocol
EHF-MAIL            - Encoding Header Field for Mail
EMCON               - Emission Control Protocol
EMFIS-CNTL          - EMFIS Control Service
EMFIS-DATA          - EMFIS Data Service
FCONFIG             - Fujitsu Config Protocol
FINGER              - Finger Protocol
FTP                 - File Transfer Protocol
FTP-DATA            - File Transfer Protocol Data
GGP                 - Gateway Gateway Protocol
GRAPHICS            - Graphics Protocol
HMP                 - Host Monitoring Protocol
HOST2-NS            - Host2 Name Server
HOSTNAME            - Hostname Protocol
ICMP                - Internet Control Message Protocol
IGMP                - Internet Group Management Protocol
IGP                 - Interior Gateway Protocol
IMAP2               - Interim Mail Access Protocol version 2
INGRES-NET          - INGRES-NET Service
IP                  - Internet Protocol
IPCU                - Internet Packet Core Utility
IPPC                - Internet Pluribus Packet Core
IP-ARC              - Internet Protocol on ARCNET       
IP-ARPA             - Internet Protocol on ARPANET           
IP-CMPRS            - Compressing TCP/IP Headers
IP-DC               - Internet Protocol on DC Networks
IP-DVMRP            - Distance Vector Multicast Routing Protocol
IP-E                - Internet Protocol on Ethernet Networks 
IP-EE               - Internet Protocol on Exp. Ethernet Nets
IP-FDDI             - Transmission of IP over FDDI
IP-HC               - Internet Protocol on Hyperchannnel
IP-IEEE             - Internet Protocol on IEEE 802     
IP-IPX              - Transmission of 802.2 over IPX Networks
IP-MTU              - IP MTU Discovery Options
IP-NETBIOS          - Internet Protocol over NetBIOS Networks
IP-SLIP             - Transmission of IP over Serial Lines
IP-WB               - Internet Protocol on Wideband Network  
IP-X25              - Internet Protocol on X.25 Networks     
IRTP                - Internet Reliable Transaction Protocol
ISI-GL              - ISI Graphics Language Protocol
ISO-TP4             - ISO Transport Protocol Class 4
ISO-TSAP            - ISO TSAP
LA-MAINT            - IMP Logical Address Maintenance
LARP                - Locus Address Resoultion Protocol
LDP                 - Loader Debugger Protocol
LEAF-1              - Leaf-1 Protocol
LEAF-2              - Leaf-2 Protocol
LINK                - Link Protocol
LOC-SRV             - Location Service
LOGIN               - Login Host Protocol
MAIL                - Format of Electronic Mail Messages 
MERIT-INP           - MERIT Internodal Protocol
METAGRAM            - Metagram Relay
MIB                 - Management Information Base
MIT-ML-DEV          - MIT ML Device
MFE-NSP             - MFE Network Services Protocol
MIT-SUBNET          - MIT Subnet Support
MIT-DOV             - MIT Dover Spooler
MPM                 - Internet Message Protocol (Multimedia Mail)
MPM-FLAGS           - MPM Flags Protocol
MPM-SND             - MPM Send Protocol
MSG-AUTH            - MSG Authentication Protocol
MSG-ICP             - MSG ICP Protocol
MUX                 - Multiplexing Protocol
NAMESERVER          - Host Name Server
NETBIOS-DGM         - NETBIOS Datagram Service
NETBIOS-NS          - NETBIOS Name Service
NETBIOS-SSN         - NETBIOS Session Service
NETBLT              - Bulk Data Transfer Protocol
NETED               - Network Standard Text Editor
NETRJS              - Remote Job Service
NI-FTP              - NI File Transfer Protocol
NI-MAIL             - NI Mail Protocol
NICNAME             - Who Is Protocol
NFILE               - A File Access Protocol
NNTP                - Network News Transfer Protocol
NSW-FE              - NSW User System Front End
NTP                 - Network Time Protocol
NVP-II              - Network Voice Protocol
OSPF                - Open Shortest Path First Interior GW Protocol
PCMAIL              - Pcmail Transport Protocol
POP2                - Post Office Protocol - Version 2
POP3                - Post Office Protocol - Version 3
PPP                 - Point-to-Point Protocol
PRM                 - Packet Radio Measurement
PUP                 - PUP Protocol
PWDGEN              - Password Generator Protocol
QUOTE               - Quote of the Day Protocol
RARP                - A Reverse Address Resolution Protocol
RATP                - Reliable Asynchronous Transfer Protocol
RE-MAIL-CK          - Remote Mail Checking Protocol
RDP                 - Reliable Data Protocol
RIP                 - Routing Information Protocol 
RJE                 - Remote Job Entry
RLP                 - Resource Location Protocol
RTELNET             - Remote Telnet Service
RVD                 - Remote Virtual Disk Protocol
SAT-EXPAK           - Satnet and Backroom EXPAK
SAT-MON             - SATNET Monitoring
SEP                 - Sequential Exchange Protocol
SFTP                - Simple File Transfer Protocol
SGMP                - Simple Gateway Monitoring Protocol
SNMP                - Simple Network Management Protocol
SMI                 - Structure of Management Information
SMTP                - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
SQLSRV              - SQL Service
STP                  - Stream Protocol
STATSRV             - Statistics Service
SU-MIT-TG           - SU/MIT Telnet Gateway Protocol
SUN-RPC             - SUN Remote Procedure Call
SUPDUP              - SUPDUP Protocol
SUR-MEAS            - Survey Measurement
SWIFT-RVF           - Remote Virtual File Protocol
TACACS-DS           - TACACS-Database Service
TACNEWS             - TAC News
TCP                 - Transmission Control Protocol
TCP-ACO             - TCP Alternate Checksum Option
TELNET              - Telnet Protocol
TFTP                - Trivial File Transfer Protocol
THINWIRE            - Thinwire Protocol
TIME                - Time Server Protocol
TP-TCP              - ISO Transport Service on top of the TCP
TRUNK-1             - Trunk-1 Protocol
TRUNK-2             - Trunk-2 Protocol
UCL                 - University College London Protocol
UDP                 - User Datagram Protocol
NNTP                - Network News Transfer Protocol
USERS               - Active Users Protocol
UUCP-PATH           - UUCP Path Service
VIA-FTP             - VIA Systems-File Transfer Protocol
VISA                - VISA Protocol
VMTP                - Versatile Message Transaction Protocol
WB-EXPAK            - Wideband EXPAK
WB-MON              - Wideband Monitoring
XNET                - Cross Net Debugger
XNS-IDP             - Xerox NS IDP


[RFC952] Harrenstien, K., Stahl, M., and E. Feinler, "DoD Internet
         Host Table Specification", RFC 952, SRI, October 1985.

[RFC2078] Linn, J., "Generic Security Service Application Program
          Interface, Version 2", RFC 2078, OpenVision Technologies,
          January 1997.

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