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Apple Mac computer for Trier and Luxembourg

25 years distributing Apple for Trier and Luxembourg


Ethernetworks sells Apple computer with passion for over 25 years in Trier and Luxembourg. Our customers include global companies such as Tui, Sony, RTL, Freenet, Nordea as well as public authorities such as NATO, Bundeswehr, Uni Giessen, Uni Göttingen, Diocese of Trier, but also medium-sized companies such as LaserSoft, avira, or Netcologne, as well as countless satisfied private customers, which we advise as well as our premium private customers.

Experience, expertise and knowledge are thinly sowed for professionals in the apple sector. With us you will find a competent partner who is not afraid to install or deactivate software via the MacOS Unix console. Our technicians have been waiting for MacOSX since version 10.0.4 and are not afraid even before MacOS 9 . Of course they are also trained on more modern systems like MacOSX 10.10.5 Yosemite or 10.12.6 Sierra or MacOS High Sierra server or iOS 11. Now we very happy to learn on MacOS 10.14 Mojave and its Dark Mode Screenplay.

Apple Macintosh Computer-iphone-ipad and ipod.

Distribution-Installation-Mac networking-Apple repairs

Apple Computer

Equipment, leasing, hire purchase but also used equipment. We sell Apple MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, imac, imac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Apple TV, Apple ipad, Apple ipod, Apple iphone, Apple Xserve, Apple software and Apple wireless base stations as well as Apple School Manager

Apple Service

Installation, configuration, up and downgrades, security optimization,
Apple virus removal, virus and malware prevention, maintenance


Apple networks

No longer Apple Talk but AFP, VPN, bonjour, airplay, AirPrint, SSH, Kerberos, SMB, Xsan, Remote Desktop, LDAP, isync, Xgrid, FaceTime, VoIP, SQL, ical & CalDAV and FileMaker. These are Apple networks today.


Apple Repair & Maintenance

An apple lasts forever? Right, if you wait regularly. From VDE inspection to Fan changes to battery service and Mainboard repairs, we offer all necessary repairs and create maintenance plans for companies and industry.

Apple iMac and iMac Pro, MacBook Pro and Air, Mac Pro, Mac Mini.

Our service for your Apple:

Apple Business customers Leasing

We offer Apple leasing opportunities for our corporate clients. We work together with the two largest European leasing companies to make our offer

Apple 0% Financing

We offer 0% financing to all Apple devices. We will also be happy to discuss other financing options. Make a personal offer for private customers.

Apple Rental Equipment

We are happy to provide you with Apple rental equipment. You have a project and need time limited more hardware? Or would you like to try Apple devices for the first time and check whether you can easily integrate into your company network? Ask us, all problems are solvable.

Book online or simply call 0651-99 18 92-10

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Apple repairs

Take advantage of our Apple repair service. We repair all Apple devices inside and outside of the Apple Care warranty. We have over 150,000 apple spare parts in stock. From Apple replacement rubber feet to the Apple imac graphics card or the Xserve raid HotPlug power supply.

Apple Diagnostics

Does your Apple device behave differently than you are used to? Whether you have detected thermal, acoustic, performance or visual changes, Apple Service Diagnostic (ASD) and Apple hardware testing (AHT) will help you find your bug quickly and easily. Make a diagnostic appointment now.

VDE and ISO 9001

Let your Mac check regularly. Finding errors helps you: Save power, prevent a cable fire or lightning damage, get a check for white for your insurance and protect yourself from damage claims, get tips from the professional how to work safer Can.

Apple Maintenance

An apple runs forever? This is a much-believed misconception. Because only properly maintained systems have a longer service life. For example, every 2 years the water coolant of the Apple Powermac G5 has to be replenished/replaced. Your Apple is becoming too hot or one of the fans is noticing? Do you have an electrical feeling when you touch your MacBook? Then it is high time for maintenance. We offer a service interval of 2 years for all Apple computers.