NutriWiz-The nutritional software for the Mac

NutriWiz is the intuitive, complete and cost-effective MAC nutrition software that can be used by professionals as well as by laymen. Food can be found via an alphabetical list or the built-in search function. Depending on availability, 16 macro (partly graphic) and micro nutrients are displayed. You have no idea which foods meet your individual needs? Search using the built-in search function or use the filter. In this way, NutriWiz seeks the right one for you from a multitude of possibilities. NutriWiz is supplied with a huge food database, but if something very specific is missing, just add it. This is the way the app grows with you.

The best Apple Macintosh nutrition software

Depending on availability, information on 16 macro/micro nutrients is provided. Display of mg/CA and Na/K ratio and bread units as well as carbohydrate exchange units (be, KAE). The contained energy is shown as KCAL and kjoule.
Eiweiß Diät
You recognize the fields provided for the input immediately. Enter new values and let NutriWiz count.
easy to add and Change
Can it be a little more? In the food table, double-click in the Quantity field and change the existing value. Delete food from your plan or add new, simply by drag and drop.
just pay attention to the colors and make changes to your diet plan as long as all the bars are green. Also ideal for nutritional advice. Tip: Also keep an eye on the big round indicator in the middle.

Weight-down Made easy

Based on your body data and nutrition plan, NutriWiz calculates your weight gradient. Enter the days and the possible weight reduction is calculated. or enter the desired weight change and the required days are calculated.
abnehmen ohne Sport

From waist circumference to weight

Enter some of your body data and you can get started and reach your goals. Size, body weight, BMI, waist and hip circumference, waist-hip ratio, age, sport, sex, work, nothing is overlooked in the practical UI.

Mit Überblick schnell abnehmen

NutriWiz Nutrition Software Scope

All ingredients at a glance in the app

Keep track of the calories of your nutrition plan. Display protein, fat, fiber, cholesterol and many other important ingredients graphically. Do you suffer from obesity or diabetes? Are you looking for the right diet for gout? Nutriwiz shows you how many of the foods in the plan have a favorable effect.
Diätplan mit Makronährstoffen und Mikronährstoffen

Keep your weight in mind-nutrition app for the Mac

Show your projected weight gradient as a line. Stay in the green area or reach him. If necessary, adjust your nutrition plan in the upper part of the window.
Gewichtsreduktion und BMI
  • Food database
  • Display macro/Micro Nutrients
  • Display, KAE, relations (mg/CA, na/ka)
  • Display macro Nutrients (pie chart)
  • Food Search by name
  • Food filters
  • Adding your own food
  • Body Data management (size, weight, waist circumference, waist circumference, age, sport and duration, sex, work intensity, weight reduction option)
  • Schedule module (Percent feed recommendation, macro nutrients, Time/weight calculator, graphical weight history)

System requirements: Mac OS 10.6 or later

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