Wohlgemerkt - Create your Mindmap with a Mac

Wohlgemerkt allows you to write down and connect your thoughts. Arrange your notes and the connections on the canvas in whatever way makes sense to you. The clean UI lets you focus on your thoughts and ideas and assists you in your project development.

keep and sort your ideas

Enter your precious thoughts Quickly get the thoughts out of your head and onto the canvas. Collect your thoughts, images, notes, tasks. Order and structure is not the priority at this stage.
Adjust the file Fine tune almost any visual aspect to help your brain capturing and memorising the contents. Adjust background color, Note background color, Note line width, color and shape, Connection line width, color and shape, shadow and many many more.
Share your ideas Export the contents of your document to different image files or summarise and export the content to a text file.

Make connections

Find new connections throughout the process See how the snippets and relations change over time. Find connections you didn’t realise in the beginning. Create something new.
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Connect and combine your thoughts and transform them to ideas Start with the first connections between thoughts. Connect and disconnect until you are satisfied with the result. See how your thoughts and the structure changes over time. Minimise notes to keep the focus on the main statement of a thought.

Recognizing and discovering 

The next idea is just a double-click away. Reduce the points that are currently unimportant for the main thought and keep your focus upright. Discover until then unknown connections from which the next new Thought results as automatically.


The interface is light weight and never stands between you and your thoughts. You start with a first note and develop your project on a playful basis. Step by step to create your mindmap, always focused.

share your ideas

Export your document.

Choose from multiple image formats and edit the export in an image editing program.

Export your mind map to a text file which also contains the links of the dots to each other in addition to the content.

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organize your product

Mind you, it makes it easy to organize your project and highlight individual notes and links in a variety of ways. Change the notes size, color, border color, thickness, shape, font color, style, size, note angle, shadow, connection style, and more. If you want to make all new notes or connections appear in the newly selected style, simply set your desired parameters in the presets.

mindmap erstellen

Travel back to the past of your project

Use the easy understandable User Interface to get to an earlier version of your project. If your collection of ideas is moving in the wrong direction or if you have made a mistake, you can easily and easily restore the old state.

system requirements: Mac OS 10.10 or more new

Here to buy Wohlgemerkt:

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