Anno Zorvak – avoid the Glance of the Guardian


Our most recent Software this time is a Puzzle/Strategy Game for the Mac – Anno Zorvak – a reminescence of the old Atari ST Time.

The aim of the game is to move your robot from the lowest point in the landscape to the highest point. In Order to climb higher you need energy. You can absorb energy from the objects in the level, mainly trees, ’empty’ robots, guards. For this the object has to be positionend lower than your robot. If the guards can see you, they will absorb your energy. They rotate around their axis to find you. Once your robot’s energy drops to zero the game is lost.

To reach the next level you have to climb to the highest point and absorb the highest guard. Stack boulders on an empty new Field in the landscape, on top of the boulder-stack spawn a new robot, finally transfer yourself into that new robot in order to increase your height-level. Always absorb abandoned robots, boulders, trees to gain energy. Don’t Forget to avoid the guard’s glance. Only fields on the same height or lower than you, can be manipulated.

You can download this mindblowing Strategy Game in the Mac AppStore

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