Mac Messe Deluxe MacOSX

Apple Mac Fair Building and Event Management Software-Mac Fair Deluxe

Profit software for event managent and measurement construction. The software to easily manage your projects on the Apple Mac. Do you want to manage your trade fair performance or concert event easily and clearly?
Do you run a trade fair building company or are you a concert promoter or event carrier?
From load management of the truck fleet to protection from overcharging, to customer registration, occupancy calendars, occupancy plan as a card to invoice or travel costs/expenses, clear in structure and intuitive to use.
Clients and venue capable complex warehouse and item management software.
Create quotes and invoices clearly categorized when you receive stored items that are owned by your customer and therefore do not need to be calculated or otherwise.
Manage multiple warehouses including item condition or wear value. Calculate your customers with real storage costs: Accurate and volume-dependent, verifiable at any time.
Manage unit lists, truck charging lists, tool lists for each event. These delivery notes are checked when loading, unloading, building and dismantling. So you always have an overview of what has to go back with the fair or from the concert. Missing parts can then be searched for before the trucks depart. If parts are defective or already recorded as lost during construction, they are pre-recorded and are not searched for hours on departure day. The next event schedule can be adhered to. Funny items can be reordered early.
Interested? Then contact us, check out our software, we will also be happy to send you a demo version. For those interested, we can also offer a version for Windows and for the iPad on iOS.

Ethernetworks Mac Fair Deluxe for Apple MacOS-so you have more overview of your projects-warehouse management.

Mac Fair Deluxe is future-proof because it is based on Apple Filemaker, this database software is very extensive and integrates perfectly into the operating system. Monthly updates come directly from Apple and ensure the feature on new operating systems. The Mac Messe Deluxe event software and project management software is modular and very flexible. Your investment is secured for a long time to come. Do you need up-to-the-minute billing for a customer? No problem, we’ll build the time tracking module for you.
Can’t you do anything with the item description? Do you have rental staff that doesn’t know the items? Add one or more images for each item. Simply drag & drop from desktop or web.
Don’t you know when which component is where? Look at the calendar overview. Here you can easily see where the article is at the moment.

The range of functions of the Mac Messe deluxe Software for you as a trade fair builder/concert promoter:

  • Complex multi-storage disposition software including. Merchandise management
  • Intelligent tabular storage system-warehouse management
  • Clear quotation with sorting of product categories and stock-based prices.
  • Vehicle management. No more overloaded trucks through weight-based assembly lists.
  • Create delivery receipts
  • Digital warehouse book
  • Addresses, telephone numbers, construction plans, fire reports, TÜV documents, fire load, etc. All papers always centrally available, even in iPhone or iPad directly on site.
  • Complex rental software
  • Live inventory queries
  • Free discounts% and on all benefits.
  • Prices are tenantum-dependent or completely freely changeable in any offer. Warning if the cover contribution is below the cover.
  • Additional services such as rental or vehicle rental
  • Full server version with multiple disposition places and Web/mobile checklists possible (pre-installed Mac Mini Server must be purchased from us.)
  • Barcode esers are supported
  • Multiple VAT VAT/TVA sets
  • Foreign currencies
  • Expense calculator for the fitters
  • Statistics functions on revenues, costs, utilization, free storage, sales, etc.
  • Offline backup system for daily data backup
  • Time Machine capable-minute-specific data backup
  • Currently the best value for money on the market (Mac trade fair book software)
  • Adutory adjustable (admin, human resources department, tax consultant, warehouse, checkout, reception, apprentice, driver, Secutity, fitter, telephonist as option possible)
  • Ein-time purchase, i.e. no subscription, no rent, no fees per booking, no monthly or annual payments
  • Low purchase price
  • Open interfaces Architecture for individual extensions
  • GDPR/GDPR compliant because no personal data is sent over the Internet. According to the legal regulations, the software automatically deletes obsolete obsolete personal data or anonymizes it.
  • Overview of daily arrivals and departures
  • Availability query of the warehouses (owner = client A, warehouse = storage warehouse, position A41, inventory = quantity, color)
  • Integrated Help Function
  • Plug-in: QR code or barcode articulation label, scanner systems for fixed assembly in own trucks and rental cars for faster live unit lists.
  • Plug-in: Card-based booth reservation system
  • Plug-in: Map-based storage system
  • Plug-in: Time recording of staff (optional)
  • Plug-in: DATEV Export (optional)
  • Plug-in: Import Export CSV/MS Excel (optional)

System requirements:

Apple Mac computer with mind. 10.10.5 Yosemite (on request also from 10.6.8 with slightly lower functionality) to 10.14 Mojave
15GB hard drive space
On request also:
From Windows 7 to 10
And iOS for iPad
Server version is also possible, but a special ethernetwork Mac Mini Server is required here, which is set up and delivered by us.