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No master has fallen from heaven yet

The beginning is hard, and the Mac is no exception. It is intuitive, fast, reliable. Nevertheless, the Mac newbie does not open up all possibilities of the system from the beginning. Even users with years of MAC experience often go longer and more time-consuming ways to achieve a goal than necessary. They often say that they have always done so or that their path also leads to the goal (which may be true) or that they have simply not yet pointed out the quicker procedure.

For example, once you’ve used spotlight search to quickly find a specific document, app, mail, or anything else on your computer. Oh yes, this is the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the screen, just click on it and the search can begin. But it’s actually even easier, you don’t even need the mouse to do it. Simply hold down the command key (which is the next to the SPACEBAR) and briefly press the SPACEBAR and the Search window will appear. By the way, the Spotlight Search window can do more than just search, you can also count on it. For example, enter times 12-7 and the result will appear on the right side of the main window.

If you like this tip, check back more often than we will be giving you more information about the Mac in the future to help you work more effectively with your computer.

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