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The emergence of a Mac Mindmap software Part II

Some time ago we informed you that we are engaged in developing a note-taking software. The development is now complete, all features announced in the previous post are implemented in the software. In fact, we were able to install more in the relatively short time than planned. The original term “notes software” does not really describe the product in full. Although the software can also be used for “loose” notes collections, it is now also very suitable for mind maps, Konzeptmaps, presentation of processes, diagrams etc. etc. All parameters used in the document are customizable, previous versions of documents can be searched and restored in a time-machine-like UI, multiple export functions allow the exchange of information with other…

If you have become a little curious now and would like to create a mindmap, then have a look at the full range of the Mac software on our Mind Mapping product page

System requirements: Mac OS 10.10 or later

Here you can buy Wohlgemerkt:

Apple AppStore
Apple AppStore
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