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The creation of a Mac Mindmap software

Currently we are in the midst of developing a “notes” software for the Mac. It is intended to enable quick recording of notes, texts, graphics and “thought snippets”. In addition to typing using the keyboard, images, graphics and text can easily be imported from other programs and the Mac Finder using drag and drop. Connections between individual notes can be made clear via connecting lines, a problem can be clarified by this rather than by texts listed below. You can also display processes via Hintereinandergeschaltete, connected notes.

A note is customizable: note size, font size and color, background color, border thickness, color, and so on. Notes can be “folded up” to save space and be read-only to prevent further changes. Associated blocks can be identified by delimited color areas.

What are your requirements for such mindmap software, what features and features do you want, which are essential. Have you already had experience with similar programs?

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